Unistalling a program plus all its files

Hi everyone. I am new to parrotsec os and I am also a developer. I found vscodium already installed but wanted to install vscode instead. Now, when I install vscode, I can’t access vscode market place. So, I thought that its vscodium configuration that is preventing vscode from installing extensions. I uninstalled vs codium by doing “sudo apt-get purge vscodium” now after that I still find vscodium files when I do sudo locate vscodium and vscode marketplace still doesnt work. So my question is : how do i go about it to completely remove vscodium and make vscode market place work?

sudo apt autoremove

Yup, some default configuration profile not going to remove

if i don’t look at the Synaptic package uninstall i go this way.
dpkg --list
ahows all instaled programs
sudo apt-get remove gimp (OR)
sudo apt-get --purge remove gimp (gets rid of everything)
sudo apt-get purge --auto-remove gimp(all one command)
sudo apt-get autoremove(clean Up)
sudo apt-get clean

To remove vscodium run “sudo apt remove vscodium && codium”

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