Unlocked folder but locked files

I downloaded Android Studio and the folder was locked which i unlocked and now every file in that folder is still locked. I open the folder and unlocked each folder that was in that folder but now each file in those folders are still locked. The only way to unlock those files that i know of is to unlock one by one witch would take days. I want to know if there is way way to unlock all of them at once and what can i do to download the program and it not be locked. I downladed it using “tar”

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You extracted it using your root account, therefore all the files are owned by root.

You can change the owner of a file using the chown command. It also has an recursive (-R) option, allowing you to change the owner of files recursively through the directories (change all files in all sub-folders).


sudo chown -R <user> <folder>

e.g. “sudo chown -R klown /opt/androidStudio”


You are the bomb you saved me days worth of deleting!!! I knew i must have over looked something


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