Unrecognized update messagebox?

So possibly this is not harmful, but just to make a safe check.
About a month ago I installed Parrot 4.10 Security (KDE).
Since then I have received, once in a while, a small message box in the desktop asking if I want to run a system update, prompting for a password. I assumed it was by synaptic (it didnt have the default KDE look), but later realized that the synaptic interface uses a black background on the default Parrot installation. Anyhow, last time it happened: after I entered my password, it said everything was up to date. However, when running “sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade”, it began a long update process, so apparently the system was not up to date after all.
Anyone have an idea what prompts these messages and if it’s legit?
Unfortunately I do not have a screenshot at the moment.

Thanks in advance.

It sounds like it’s the GUI update notification that pops up on boot but I’d need a screenshot to verify this. As for updating try using

Sudo parrot-upgrade

Instead of apt and apt-get. We simplified the upgrade command to work better and be shorter for our users and this is the preferred way of upgrading your Parrot system per the documentation

Thanks. What is the full system path to the parrot update GUI? This way I could execute it and take a screenshot.

It is parrot-updater. It is a small script to check for update by asking users and call sudo parrot-upgrade. It is very simple so ofc it can have some unexpected logic.

I don’t understand what do you mean here.

Yes it is normal. And i created a newer version that check for update without running apt update and show notification if there is no new update from server. It is still having a logic problem i couldn’t solve yet. If you want to try it, you can pm me and i’ll help you how to build it and ofc with explain how it works.

Okay i think i get this part now. The script, after all, is just sudo apt update and the result is apt. If your second command runs, then some packages failed to install somehow. It is all apt thing.

Thanks for the clarification. I just ran ‘update-reminder start’ (found it after running ‘locate parrot-updater’) and it’s the one I was talking about. In the message box that shows up, there is however no indication of the name of the process or of it being the official parrot updater. That is what made it seem suspicious initially.

I think you missed something.

If anything is suspicious, i’m sure it won’t show to user