Update and Upgrade Issue

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sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

Showing issues like broken packages.

  • ParrotOS iso in use:

    Latest Parrot OS Security Edition MATE Environment

  • Screenshots:

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It’s the same, maybe you might get something there? - t.me/parrotsecgroup/404077

Can the fix be explained please? The link above is to a telegram chat that literally just states “Solved thanks” without providing any additional context.

Atleast it deserves a few scroll C’mmon!
I just saw the exact same in there and linked it here as it would be of any use.

And it’s freakin 4 or more accounts with different names on each, and each post on each different platform. wth!?
Hence it’s not wrong if the links are shared which is already addressed at one place.
Or if anybody knows wt exactly, then will be answered.

Or if in case it’s something wrong with the recent update, then please wait for some more time and it will obviously be fixed as the new updates are pushed,… It’s minor updates from the repository and not an entire ISO, so ofcourse it won’t be a huge issue.

Parrot is on rolling and updates are pushed frequently for the improvements, it can sometimes backfire and it’s not a disaster! The team has been doing their best and they will ofcourse. So, it will obviously be fixed shortly.
Just have some patience and please wait for some hours.
The developers had responded and fixed many issues - multiple times - in their different and unexpected part of their daily routine!


if anybody’s in a hurry and wants to fix it by yourself - Telegram: Contact @parrotsecgroup
or just wait for sometime and it’ll be done.

The issue and also the fix has already been addressed in our telegram community, hence please wait for it to get fixed and it might take a bit of more time due to some personal schedule, but will be fixed asap.

U. N. Owen:
i just commented it out as i can’t really see where’s the error

that’s the edited one, line 150 is the error if anybody wants to figure it out

i just repackaged the desktop-base .deb file with the correction and everything is smoooth as now.

wow amazing, thank you

could you please send me a diff at palinuro@parrotsec.org? it would add the patch to my todo list automatically

btw i am in vacation in koln, germany, so i have limited time to work. only security updates and emergency patches like this one

I fixed the desktop issue with the help of Cobalt by adding:

if [ -z $theme ] || [ -z $background ] || [ -z $priority ]; then

at line: 156.

(I am new to linux and to all of this in general so if this comment is wrong or doesnt belong here please let me know or remove it)

This has already been addressed and due to busy schedule it’s taking longer than usual, but yeah I appreciated that u took out your time to comment the fix,
but what’s wrong here is retards thinking that creating more fake accounts and raising the same word again and again will fix it soon, which makes no sense. Literally it’s everywhere, forum and telegram, already crossed 20-25 times I guess :expressionless:
To reduce spam, I’ll reject/delete new posts on same context from now on, as the latest posts on this forum has been filled with the same and it’s no difficult to read it.
It’s just matter of some hours to wait and update again!!

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Thanks for working on it @Th3Director and the whole team! Maybe it would be a good idea to create another thread, where actual problems, which affect many or all people, are mentioned and where it’s explained, what the actual state is. You could pin that thread, so people will find it fast and calm down. Or you could also create another category like “Maintenance” ore something else. At least for me, it was soothing to read about this problem here :slight_smile:


Welcome on behalf of the team:)
but fyi I’m not working on this issue, it’s Palinuro, but he’s on a vacation right now and hence it’s getting a bit late than expected.

Good but this ain’t so huge issue TBH, and those who are posting again and again are doing it intentionally, so it’s wouldn’t be of much help either.

Hey, i reported this but i am not a fake !

Lol, it’s ok, I didn’t point at any individual.

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