Update break VMware worstation 14

I have AGAIN a problem with vmware service after an update, cant start the VMware service so i cant instll and make it work my lab domain for my job… Please we have a security edition and it must be tested for things like that if we want to make it professionnally!!!

I hope i can repair/manage this times again but for me thats the last time i do it, the last time i must reinstall all my lab with 1 DC and 7 workstations with a lot of GPP/GPO/users…

Well you should post more Information for us. What Errors do you get? What kind of Update did you run?

Thanks to answer but i just reinstall it without deleting all y VMs and all is good now. i didnt try to figure out why it was broken because no much time, i was on a vulnerability assesment.
I had this problem 2 tims after updated/upgaded parrotOS Securitry, when i launch vmware i have a pop up for reinstalling some components and when i try to click on that pop up to install them thats crash. i will notice all next time if that come again (hope it doesnt).
Thanks for all!!