Upgrade: Ran Out Of Disk Space?

Hello, all. I’m new to Parrot and Linux, so please bear with me. I just installed parrot, overwriting Windows entirely. Everything went great, no problems. So, I went ahead and updated and ran a full upgrade. This took up all of my 256gb SSD. It didn’t even finish. I thought Linux and parrot were lightweight… I dunno, can anyone tell me what I may have done wrong? I have over 700gb on another drive, but I have no idea how to utilize that space. And if I ate up 256 gigs in the first hour (I mean, wow), the other 700+ isn’t going to last long. What am I screwing up?
Thanks for the help.

How did you partition? Be sure to partition to reflect how you plan to use your disk.

If you download/work with many multi gigabyte files, you will want to be sure to have a large /home partition.

On the other hand you don’t want to neglect the root or / directory.

Important to find a healthy medium depending on your usage plans/habits.

Can you send back output from:

df -h

Thanks for the reply. I’m a dumbass. I installed from within live, and didn’t realize that it was only working with the space in my usb drive. I figured it out, and now have the real thing going. Thanks again.