Can i create word documents and do normal school work on parrot os.

Yes, you can use Parrot OS just like any other OS and create Documents or play games. You can find the following in the Documentation:

Who is it designed for

The system is designed to be familiar for the security expert and easy to use for the new entry student, but it does not try to hide its internals as other general purpose distributions try to do.

Parrot can be used as a daily system , and it provides all the programs for the day to day tasks, including dedicated system flavors that don’t ship security tools.

There is also a comparison page between the Editions so it could be worth to take a look at that if you want to start with Parrot OS.

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Yes you can using Libreoffice which is built in to Parrot OS, when saving go to “save as” and from drop down select microsoft version you want to save documents as :slight_smile:

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Thx…I have another question.I have been trying to Install parrot for the longest while now.Coul you go through the steps for how to do it.

I would do it but due to lack of time this is not possible. I found a video which you could use as help. I couldnt find any mistakes so it should be safe. After the installation you should run sudo parrot-upgrade to upgrade the system.

Thanks…but now its saying I need an appropriate kernel for my CPU.

What do I do now??

I would try to turn on Intel Virtualization Technology. Look at your bios settings to change it.
If that dont work than you should check if you downloaded the right .iso for your cpu architecture

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If you need your doc compatible with Microsoft office, I’d recommend you install WPS office (3rd party app) and install ttf-mscorefonts-installer.

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