USB live persistence on ext* partition?

Hi there! I’ll try to be quick, so maybe someone can unsderstand my “problem” and give some help.
I’m using Parrot OS 4.6 Security Version (upgraded this week from 4.5) live on a external hdd with usb3.0, FAT32 formated (this disk is a multiboot system I use on my work), and because of FAT32 file size limitation (max 4gb), my persistence get out of space too quickly. So I’m thinking if is possible to use a pre-created EXT3 or EXT4 with about 30gb (the space left on my hdd) as persistence.
Looking over web I found two solutions, but none work for me. Redirect the /home folder to another partition (links below), but after made a lot of changes, the problem with space persist, because I need space out of persistence AND home folder to install and compile apps, and this is at my view impossible only changing the /home folder to another partition, 'cause
the compilation and instalation of apps and softwares reside inside persistence (well, after read and try a lot of things, this is the conclusion I made, correct me if I wrong, please).

I used AIO Boot software to make the multiboot system. As far I know, this software creates a simple GRUB2 menu with the distros listed, and then link it to the original GRUB2 system from the distro itself, so when you choose a distro to start from the AIO menu, it redirect to the original live distro GRUB2 menu (in the Parrot OS case it show me the normal Parrot GRUB2 live menu with all the options, like “Load to Ram”, “Live with Persistence”, “Live with encripted persistence” and so on) and everything starts normally, like if the hdd has only one live distro installed.

Any help or advice will be very gladly accepted.

What version of Parrot are you running? Parrot OS 4.6 Security x64

What method did you use to install Parrot? Live system on external hdd

Configured to multiboot with other systems? yes

EDIT: Sorry, I forget to post the link about moving /home folder, and don’t find it again.

this tutorial should help you, i only use parrot on usb sticks but im guessing an ext hdd is the same

scroll down to the bottom post by zynperor

WOW! As your nickname says, “Awesome”. lol
I’ll take a time to read all the stuff on the link you provided and latter will try to do. Hope this works for me too.

Thanks a lot. :star_struck::+1:

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