Usb Parrot Live Lag

Hello everyone, I have a great and serious query

I have a 64gb usb kingstom data traveler 100g3 brand, I installed parrot security live inside it using the rufus software and added 50gb persistence, Large FAT32 file system and 32kb cluster, my problem is that to the time to start the parrot live from my bios it loads everything, but when I open or press any icon on the parrot matte screen it lags horrible and does not let me do anything, and the processor peaks go up and it comes out You are using 100%, what could I do before this, some solution or some recommended software to make my usb live in a way that when starting it is fluid, I will appreciate your help, a greeting

Have you tried narrowing down what is causing the CPU to overload? Anything crashing? Have you tried monitoring journal/logs/processes?

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