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(Keyboard) #1

Two days ago I noticed anon ip was not working and the start page of parrot was down

so I made a file in my desktop called 1 and added this inside
myip="$(dig +short"
echo “My WAN/Public IP address: ${myip}”
(anon ip uses the start page to show up the output)
(This way I can write bash 1 in a shell and get my ip)

Then I realized about something… midnight comander was not working. Normally I execute midnight commander and I see my home username folder. This time though nothing was appearing and midnight commander was not working…
So I wonder if both events are correlated. What could made midnight commander to stop working? Does it use the start page too for anything at all?
Yesterday I updated the Os and realized start parrot was working again… and midnight commander started to work fine again.

So I just ask myself and others… what do you think about this?

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(Keyboard) #3

So today I installed a new Parrot Security “instance” in a new virtual image AND firefox had this in addons “” under legacy extensions (was disabled by default).

Does Parrot OS security come with this extension in the version 3.11 ?

I just ask because I don t remember having it when I intalled it before and find it really odd.

Any answer would be cool. Thanks.