Using Anonurf and VPN at the same time.

I have a question about using Anonurf after enabling VPN Riseup. Because the situation is that I have installed Parrot OS and installed a VPN, in order to connect first via VPN and then to Tor via Anonsurf. And in addition, for better security, I also turn on Tor Browser with a bridge at the end.

Except I don’t know which one is on first, i.e. whether VPN or Tor can access my real IP address. I would like me to connect to the VPN first, because they have a declaration and evidence that they do not obtain logs or IP addresses. And some Tor servers are said to be dangerous and I can be de-anonymized once they have my real IP address. That’s why I’d like to connect to a VPN first.

I also have a VPN turned on at startup and what will happen when I turn on Anonsurf at startup? What will first connect to my real IP address? Anonsurf or VPN? And is it well configured? And if not, what should I do to be as safe as possible and connect anonymously on Parrot OS? (my everyday driver).

I am asking for an answer, I am not an advanced user and I need this configuration for activism. Thank you in advance.

Regards, Codibi.

Only make sure to delete ALL your browser data if you have use it with your real IP address, the only way for some Tor website to get your IP address is by dangerous addon expressions.
Don’t worry for which VPN service will start 1st… i suggest to use only your VPN and no + Anonsurf because your connection may be slow or even have internet connection drop, just keep your browser clean and use Log-killer to erase all your traces.
The most important thing about your VPN software is to have kill-switch option which can prevent your IP leaked if your internet connection drop.
I’m not an expert too but you should feel safe cuz the only way to get tracked down by federal agents is to start interesting for you if you making to many illegal activities.
Best regards