Using parrot OS with transmitter hack

I need to know how to stop a transmitter hacking around me. Also if anyone could list things they seen or done or know of all possible transmitter hacking can do even if it to the body like maybe thru the smart meter or other objects? It also will be nice to know if the sound in ears or brain can be made by it and how to stop if it truly is possible?

Maybe you should ask CIA man.
In order to find what you are looking for see this website:

This is quite a broad set of questions, you will probably have to do some research to figure out exactly what you want.

You can of course detect radio waves, either using a spectrum analyzer or a specific ‘bug’ detector. You can buy ‘bug’ detectors on amazon, although not sure how well they work. You will also need to know what frequencies you want to detect, as well as what devices you are looking for.

Stopping transmissions isn’t really doable unless you have physical access to the transmitter. But you could ‘jam’ (broadcast over it), but check your laws/regulations.

There are lots of papers on the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the body, so you should probably read some of those. But for a basic run down you could read this

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