Very slow Internet with Parrot-kde-4.5.1

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I have just installed Parrot-kde-4.5.1_amd64 on my Lenovo G70 laptop from which I can access the Internet thru either Ethernet or wifi. Both became extremely slow, just a handful of bytes passing thru!

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Debian Standard

Configured to multiboot with other systems? (yes / no)

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Use new release 4.6 KDE (Beta)
Download Parrot-kde-security-4.6-2019.04.17_amd64.iso
Think that 4.6 KDE (Official) releasing very soon :smile:

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try a vpn or using tor. ISP might be limiting the data flow.

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Thanks @retardedCode,

I am using the home edition. Does this upcoming version 4.6 solve updates speed problems?

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I can’t ensure exactly but I am getting much speed from before tested in 4.5 & 4.6 KDE
But I am getting better speed in 4.6
But if you have any problem with limited speed then use VPN like NordVPN, Wireguard :smile:

Hi @retardedCode,

I shall definitely try version 4.6. Meanwhile I have found that updates are much faster with Synaptic Package Manager.
My problem occur when I open Discover software center. It is terribly slow!

Sorry for my clumsy questions but I have started using Parrot only 5 days ago.

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Thanks for using Parrot OS :smile:

Which version are you using???
Use 4.6 KDE (KDE is always winner)

Think that faster store than MATE
I always use Synaptics

For learning linux & troubleshot you can follow

Besides you can also follow our Parrot Docs which is also very useful

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Hi @retardedCode,
I have just upgraded to version 4.6 using Synaptics but instead of my KDE desktop, I found myself with a Mate desktop?

One more thing; the website “” that you quote is deemed unsafe by Mozilla: “The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Tor Browser has not connected to this website”. Is it safe?


thats because the TLS certificate has some error with encryption. chrome is having the same issue.

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Yes Buddy @ghanisen, is somewhat problematic because of the HTTPS connection SSL sertificate error of their website.
Beside the writer of the books stop contributing because of illness :sob:
Think that they didn’t renew theirs so it pseudo HTTPS now :smile:
But if you are privacy concern then download the pdf and then close your internet connecttion :smile:

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Thanks @s1udge, @RedRuby and @retardedCode for your help and advice,

I did follow the Linux Foundation’s introductory Linux course. Actually, I have used Ubuntu-Mate 16.04 for about a year then I had to return to Windows because of the poor handling of images in LibreOffice.

Being deeply upset by Microsoft’s increasingly invasive behavior, I have decided to give another try to Linux and found Parrot OS a very tempting distro. Besides, the community is very responsive and helpful.

Thanks again to all.


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