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Installed Version 4.8. (KDE) Good install no issues.

I have issue with Vi/VIM. Creating/editing a new document or file I see a ‘$’ at the end of each line.

I have tried many changes to in /etc/vim/vimrc settings and nothing helps here.

I also created a .vmrc file in my home directory with the option included ‘set noline’ this too doesn’t help. No matter what I try I can’t stop the ‘$’ sign character from appearing at line end.

My including the ‘set noline’ option in Kubuntu worked, that’s the destro I’m currently using but would like to try to use Parrot 4.8, I really like this destro. However for my work having that end of line character show is a ‘show stopper’.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks (Parrot under VMware 12.5 runs great).

In 4.8, we removed all vim and use neovim instead. rc file of neovim is in different location.
The $ is my idea which helps people spot end of line so users can detect empty characters or tab before go to next line. It also useful when your vim trims the long line.
If you want to stop it, please google neovim configuration. I’m sure you can figure it out.

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Had the same issue and it drove me a little insane. I just figured vim was broken and never going to work again and life as I knew it was over. It was dark time. Then I realized what @dmknght about neovim. Because of my irrational and arbitrary resolution to only ever use Vim as God intended, a quick sudo apt remove -y nvim && sudo apt update && sudo apt install -y vim brought me back to my familiar vimiverse

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