Virtual box freezes when importing OVA

Downloaded the parrot sec 4.6 OVA and when i import appliance takes requires a long time like (20min) to import and then the entire computer freezes but no any issues while importing the appliance of other VMDK like windows or Linux.

Any solution?

What is your main os which runs virtualbox?
is virtualbox up2date?
maybe disc full or something else.
think many user out there has parrot running in vb without any errors

Give us a little bit more infos pls!

Main os parrot sec 4.7 upgraded from 4.6
got enough space
Distro and VB is upto date
yeah im running multiple os no any issues however only when importing the OVA of parrot sec the entire machine freezes and no option than force shutdown

Thanks for the reply

it dies when importing not starting right?
I dont use virtualbox. maybe someone could help?

actually both either it takes long time probably a hour to import and fails, suppose if its succeeded importing when starting the VM the entire machine freezes

Forgot to mention at the first time! :neutral_face:

Any way thanks for the reply

i would download a new copy of the ova and check the file integrity!
start a terminal and look at the syslog when importing the vm

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