Virtual Box full screen mode

I recently spent a lot of time setting up version 4.7 in VirtualBox and came across some difficulties when setting up the full screen mode. I tried all the methods of installing the VirtualBox addons in order to activate full screen mode however it would still not work. Finally, it ended up working after I made a small tweak in the display settings by selecting VBoxSVGA instead of VMSVGA and for some reason it worked. However, I had shut down the system and after rebooting today the system would just not go into full screen for some reason. I have tried updating the os and everything but it will not become full screen as of now. Anybody have any solutions to this?

I’m experiencing the same issue, when I run the virualbox extension pack to try to fix it, I receive a error that my kernel configuration is invalid. I submitted a thread with more information on my specific error. If you have any breakthroughs, please post. it seems to be a issue from something they did in the two most recent updates this January.

The only thing I could do is reinstall and now I don’t shut down the vm, I just save the machine state.

That is not ideal for me… Some thing was done to the kernel that virtual box doesn’t like.

Has anyone figured anything else out about this? I’m having the same issue.

It has been fixed in the recent update

if you can, use the OVA image, which is pre-loaded with the virtualbox guest addition modules to automatically resize the system screen to the virtualbox window side

otherwise you have to mount the virtualbox guest additions iso file and install it on your own


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