Virtual Box Playground

Because I am a relative Linux novice I still make regular errors and cock ups. My solution was to install Virtualbox within Parrot 4.11 Kde Home. First off it performs very well indeed and I have experimented with various distros, Alpine,Guix,Devuan and a few others.
Laterly I added Parrot Home Mate ova as I wanted to get to grips with Mate, an environment that I have never found very appealing and things have not gone well, frankly its pretty unuseable. It runs slowly and freezes at every turn. In order to be thorough I overwrote and deleted the Mate environment and substituted Kde, still most unsatisfactory in terms of useability. I have installed other Virtual images eg Alpine and they work fine.

Not to be defeated I have installed the latest Parrot Kde Home iso and hey presto a fully functioning and slick environment. I can now fool about with Parrot to my hearts content and if the worst comes to pass, which has not yet happened, its just a quick reinstall.

So to conclude, the iso. image performs just like my host installation, whilst the dedicated Virtual image for some reason is a total let down.

This is not meant to be a criticism but merely an observation and I wonder if anybody else has had the same experience?

Anyway its back to the playground for me.