VirtualBox Alfa AWUS36ACH

I’m running Parrot 4.7 in virtualbox. I installed it with the .iso file and made sure the hashes matched.

I have a Alfa wireless adapter AWUS36ACH with 5ghz support. It works perfectly in my Virtual Kali machine.
I tried to add it to the Parrot virtual machine and it DOESN’T register. when I type “ifconfig” I just get the eth0 and Lo. I tried manually uninstalling the driver for it = realtek- rtl88xxau-dkms and re installing it, I also tried enabling and disable the USB controller settings in Vbox, that includes changing the usb 1, 2, and 3 controllers. I tried reverting back to a previous snapshot of the fresh install. Still my Alfa adapter fails to show up in Parrot when I use “ifconfig” or any program that needs a wifi adapter.
If you can please help me, it would be greatly appreciated. I’ve heard great things about Parrot and look forward to using it for all future projects.

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Check this post out. I hope it can work for you

I ran the git link you posted on that forum. I can now connect my Atheros adapter, it shows up as long string. I still cant connect the realtek adapter. Do you have any other suggestions?

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