VirtualBox: copy/paste not working right

Virtualbox was mostly fixed now after the latest updates thankfully (thank you great ppl!). It was broken and would not run for a few days until the latest updates.

Now it works, mostly, except that the copy/paste and drag & drop features between the host and guest don’t work right. Copy/paste from guest to host does work, but from host to guest does not work.

I could not get drag & drop to work either way, but it was buggy previously - sometimes working and sometimes not. This copy/paste function being broken is totally new and it’s very frustrating rendering my current use style unworkable. It does not matter if I select bidirectional or host-to-guest copy/paste allowed, either one does not work in the host-to-guest direction.

In the VM I’m running Whonix, but I don’t think that has anything to do with this bug. Seems like a VirtualBox bug.

USB soured desktop installed Parrot 4.7, amd64. been using this for a long time.
Debian Standard

Configured to multiboot with other systems?** yes

I had this happen before and was able to straighten it out by re-installing the extensions and re-adding myself to vboxusers group with ‘usermod -aG vboxusers [username]’ but i install from oracles sh script, not the package manager…

I did usermode … but it did not help. Any other idea?

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