Virtualbox kde problem

So I have this problem with KDE on virtual box using a macbook pro. was watching a video and he said to click finish partitioning and write changes to disk but when i click on it for some reason its not allowing me to continue. I would use the download for virtualbox but i believe that is a mate version and not the version i want since i want to use KDE

I can see you don’t have any swap area on your partition make a swap area and see if it works

what do you mean ? how do I swap it i have no clue

Just like /boot and /(root) you also have /swap area, if your RAM is full then this area which is located on your HDD will be used to store the extra files and it’s mandatory to have some swap area usually we make the partition as big as our RAM size.
means if you have 4GB RAM then make a 4GB swap area

And one more thing you can make this partition same way you make the /boot and / partition
just change the partition type when you are creating the partition. And I think you don’t need /boot partition you can make only /swap and / partitions.

thanks fixed it now the problem is virtualbox screen is small tried to use the guest addition and it didn’t work might know how to fix this problem?

in which step you are getting this problem? any picture

i got everything to work just need the screen bigger as you can see in the picture its in a small box idk tried clicking guest addition and it did nothing

search the forums for “virtualbox”. its the first link.

Search functions are your friend.

didn’t get nothing can you link it

OK you come really close. Now login to the os(with the password which you give while installing) and search for settings maybe it’s in the left-top corner
go there and search for screen resolution then increase the resolution

Once you are logged in, open terminal
sudo apt update
sudo apt install virtualbox-guest-utils
sudo apt install virtualbox-guest-x11

reboot and try.

Also, be sure you installed a the virtualbox extension pack from their website.


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