VM vs Native

Not sure this is the right section but here it is which is better to setup for a beginner looking to learn i am curious as i want to switch to linux but am wondering if i should get parrot os sec installed as native or not.

If you are beginner, it is better to install Parrot inside VM

thanks mate, went with the way FAQ suggest with parrot OS home as native and security as VM

Well, you need to have a farily powerfull PC if you want to run as a VM. One the other hand install it natively could be risky for Newbies (Even I struggled trying to dual boot)

Well you don’t need to install both, it’s just the same. The difference is Home version has only the day to day needed tools while the Security has some additional hacking tools.

i know this post is a little old but here is how i started to use parrot
first i booted it up on vmware on windows to use it as a daily os ‘a few years ago’
then i decided to install parrot os on a other SSD and then install vmware on parrot and since then there has never been windows on this pc and it works very good for me, it even runs pretty good in nested vm’s