Vmware Kernel Module update

Hello everyone,
I had a problem before the last parrot update,
Before the update, the Vmware workstation was running without any problems.
and after the update, I’m asked for modules that Gcc … and I tried to install it but I’m told that I have the latest version ( build-essential and linux-headers)

Can you please help me?

Parrot had new kernel package and i think vmware isn’t supported the latest version of kernel. VMWare isn’t the only victim. Some users is having problem with wifi driver or other drivers.

Any updates on this? I have the same problem.

Hey - there is a fix, that requires a few steps not easily discoverable. It’s unfortunate but a fact. At work I use VMware Workstation on Linux so that is where I can access my History to show you the necessary steps – but I won’t be back there for a few days. Start here (hxxps://github[.]com/mkubecek/vmware-host-modules) and here (hxxps://kb.vmware[.]com/s/article/2146460) in the meantime…

the first step is a simple unzipping then make, sudo make install… then you have to explicitly follow the instructions on the vmware[.]com kb article to follow up.

But keep in my mind, I successfully did this after upgrading from WS Pro 15 to 16.

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