Vpn comparison + useful tool all use

hey all,

have checked list of topics under “privacy” and taught would share this link for vpn comparison:
what other tools you would recommend for security and privacy in realm of online resources rather then actual software?

thank you in advance

Those comparisons are OK, but i wouldn’t take them as gospel.

Its just one guys opinion and he doesn’t link the sources for his information. I understand that would be a lot of work, but its not easy to verify what he says is true. Ironically the site also uses gstatic content and piwik (Not suggesting either are used maliciously).

Personally i would recommend privacytools.io. Its a good starting point for a wide range of topics.

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hello @KidKlown indeed, have found your old post, looking around it, alot of useful info there. Different pages show different results which makes it all even more exciting. Any other recommendations?

Maybe have a read through https://www.reddit.com/r/privacy and related subreddits.

There are a few sites like https://restoreprivacy.com that take a commission or have sponsored articles, so just be wary of those when browsing. But nevertheless they can still contain useful information.

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For everything except torrenting and heavy downloading these are more than enough, if you put your trust in their hands…
And for online resources I found this list, so u can check it out:


Thank you both @KidKlown and @librebot for these suggestion and taking your time to reply. Will keep my reading up, if anything else pops in your minds, do share <3

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