VPN Plugin not installed

I tried to add a new VPN connection by clicking create a new VPN. It said VPN plugin is not installed. I have no options to choose from to create the new VPN.

So my question is how to install the VPN plugin?

Thanks in advance

Parrot 4.16.0

*USB intallation

multiboot - separate hard-drive

start VPN with:
sudo openvpn <configfile>

Here’s what works for me.
First I installed
"network-manager-openvpn" (that is openvpn plugin you neeed!)
network-manager-gnome” from Synaptic Package Manager
and than from
System - Preferences - Internet and Network - Network Connections” setup your VPN parameters:
Choose connection type - “Import a saved VPN configuration” (in my case I have downloaded VPN parameters from my vpn provider and it automatically sets it up…).
Before that I try to add vpn through preinstalled parrots (panel’s) network manager and no luck…
Hope this help you…

All one need to have installed, before beginning any OpenVPN(.NET) configuration, is:
$ sudo apt-get install:

  1. install openvpn
    , even it’s installed - just to be sure; the same is valid for the above suggestions! (Parrot thanks to it’s base on Debian Buster has everything on it’s latest version.
  2. install network-manager
  3. install network-manager-openvpn
  4. (‘sudo apt-get’, of course) install netowrk-manager-openvpn-gnome
    This is the most missing in many Distors plugin for network-manager-openvpn - ‘network-manager-openvpn-gnome’, so it’s required!
  5. Due to installation of the above, the APT (sudo apt-get’ install *******) command would SUGGEST some packages for installation, but won’t install it, and would RECOMMEND other packages, without installing them too.
    Just coppy what’s suggested and recomenaded - an important one is e’asy-rsa’ plugin to OpenVPN.
    And at the end, to ironly resolve any further problems with DNS Leak (you can later, after configuring an OpenVPN connection, following instructions from you commercial VPN provider, check if you have DNS Leak here https://DNSLeak.Net)
    So to ironly block any DNS Leaks:
  6. sudo apt-get install unbound
  • it comes with a few another scripts, so it won’t be one thing.

Cheers from Eastern Europe!
Gloria Dei est celare Verbum!!!

Thanks to b4n3x and to opensight

I used instructions in both replies and I was able to add VPN options. Thanks once again! :smiley:
@opensight @b4n3x

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I’m happy to help @ConnectionistSystems

What I have missed and @b4n3x had given in his helpful - for me to - answer, is the installation of

I guess it could be useful for other guys, if we structure the entire OpenVPN installation again - plus, what I had missed and @b4n3x has given to us. And DO NOT forget to install in the end the “UNBOUND”, which protects for DNS leaks, that you can check at https://IPLeak.net

And don’t forget in to checkout out at the end of the page important info on WebRTC Leak through media in Browsers and how to top that leaking of your IP - watching YouTube, for example - for every Browser. WebRTC Leak of your private IP weren’t even blocked by default in the Tor Browser - it’s a sneaky leakage of your true IP.

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install openvpn
$ sudo apt-get install network-manager
$ sudo apt-get install network-manager-gnome
$ sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn
$ sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn-gnome
$ sudo apt-get install unbound

You can read about UNBOUND here https://unbound.net

Big thanks to the Developer(s) and Maintainder(s) of Parrot Linux! A Debian Testing Repos based super secured GNU/Linux OS, that only needs pre-installed OpenVPN Firmwares and Plugins :wink: I have no targets for ethical hacking, so I don’t do hacking, but the Home users’ Edition, is brilliant for every one, who what to be safe, secured, and private on that fvcking warfield, that Internet happened to become, because of the Cold War. /I’m waiting for the Russian traitor, to reveal the Russian mass-surveillance wide and hige projects, including thier army of Trolls, that are located in a big business building in St. Peterspburg - who do only fake personalities on Social Madias, and Scientific (absolutely) Disinformation for the old KGB Powers behind Putin, that own Russia.


Glad I could help somehow! :slight_smile:
But installing UNBOUND I cant connect to VPN anymore. IS there some settings more to be done in Unbound?

what you dont understand in sudo openvpn <configfile> ??? thats the simpliest way to do it…

VPN is working as expected, but along with Unbound it stops working…

remove it… but i dont understand why you dont use openvpn file…

I have these files downloaded from my VPN server:
And in README file is:
"If you are using NetworkManager to configure your network connections,
you are probably BETTER off having it deal with OpenVPN itself. A
NetworkManager plugin exists for this purpose::

$ sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn-gnome

Mabe, if I try your way with openvpn after installing unbound, I wonder whats gonna happened. I should give a try. But I tested browser and theres no DNS leak in my case…

In my case you dont have dns leak too… You try to deal with an old method for using vpn… when you dont know what you are talking about why insist in the bad way??

Do what you want but dont ask because when we give you the best and more secure solution you dont take it and after talikng about dns leak but we can see with your first question you dont know how dns leak and vpn works…

i think you want to say something but your argument are false and you still insist in the bad way… confirm what i said earlier…

and lol i dont saw that on your first post

“network-manager-gnome” from Synaptic Package Manager

Man from synaptic… we all understand your awesome and in depth skill on linux with this post!!!

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I wanted to add this, these are some other plugins that might be missing and needed by someone.

Use - sudo apt-get install - to install each:

network-manager-openvpn and network-manager-openvpn-gnome – network management framework OpenVPN plugin GNOME GUI
network-manager-pptp and network-manager-pptp-gnome – network management framework PPTP plugin GNOME GUI
network-manager-strongswan – network management framework strongSwan ipsec vpn plugin
network-manager-vpnc and network-manager-vpnc-gnome – network management framework (VPNC plugin GNOME GUI)