Vulnerabilities affected to Parrot

Hi all! I would like to know, is Parrot (4.2.2) affected to some vulnerabilities, such as “cold boot” and “Mutagen Astronomy”? Thanx!

With the cold boot exploit it’s more hardware and just plain ole having access. Anything that a person who isn’t supposed to be able to have access to but situations arise where they do can perform that exploit give or take a little difficulty based on the setup and security-consciousness of the admin. The mutagen has already been patched by Redhat so I can imagine if parrot is vulnerable, and that’s a big if with our focus on fire jail and helping users to learn responsible sand boxing techniques when running their systems (and apparently this really long run on sentence I keep typing) that a patch will hopefully be issued very soon if not simply bundled into 4.2.3 if it is indeed needed. Great questions though, I think that it’s worth having a discussion on bios security best practices and physical access security.

Thank U for help!