What are the best free resources to learn Parrot OS ethical hacking

Hello guys, I’m looking for a complete comprehensive free course to learn ethical hacking and cybersecurity skills for Linux. Ive been trying to find something complete but it can’t seem to find good resources and if I happen to find some “free”, it turns out you have to pay to go deep into the topics otherwise you only get a glance of whats it about.

One of the promising pages ive found is null byte but kinda seems not in order for someone who wants to learn from scratch and videos are sometimes from 4-6 years ago

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Here’s a free PDF, updated for 2021. Do you already have a firm grasp of Linux?


Hi @Isa777

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I was trying to find resources in order to start with cybesecurity and pentesting. I found a guy named S4vitar at Twicht and you tube. Check this Scripting en Bash para principiantes #1 - YouTube.
Also OverTheWire: Wargames if you want to start with practical examples or hackthebox website as well.

Hope this resources are fine for you as are great for me.