what devices for hacking/reverse eng./testing?

Hello all,

what devices are there for hacking/reverse engineering/testing?

With that I mean devices such as HackRF for SDR or ProxMark3 for RFID/NFC, Lan throwing star, Ubertooth, Rubber Ducky, Wifi Pineapple, open source (?) devices allowing the user to test/check hardware not being able without this specific device. Or a OBD2 reader for car hacking/diagnose, so it is not just PC stuff.

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Just google Redteam Tools and a million pages of gadgets and other crazy stuff liek WIFI Pineapple all that Hak5 Gear. they make a ton of Pentest tools but not What your looking for. They do more Network and Physical access Tools for ultimatley gaining root or admin on what ever you trying to get it on.

Maybe somone else has more experience on the Reverse Engineering side of Gadget Hacking. But if you want build that stuff, goto Youtube and look and Arduino because thats how all that stuff is built. They add a few Arduino board togther to make whatever. theres a Million of those on Youtube as well.

“Redteam Tools” is what your looking and theres just so many companys and doit your selfers out there you have an endless supply of knowledge on the The Web dude…

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Cool post. I’m making my own rubber ducky tomorrow. I have a proxmark3 but during install, I screwed of up lol. I’ll come back and let u know how my DIY rubber duckys come along

Also, check out these guys

I’m super interested in this infinite noise product they have and they have a lot of really cool stuff

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