What happened to all the DNS Servers on opennic?

what happen to the Parrot Security DNS Servers on Opennic? I only see one and it looks like opennic has been removing a bunch of servers. Anyone have the ipv4 and Ipv6 Ip?


This is not first time OpenNIC has problem. Last month (as i remember), all OpenNIC servers which were set in my /etc/resolv.conf didn’t work. We are having a new solution that uses Parrot DNS selector instead but we (me actually) have to create new code for this work, remove old code and create solution for client that has no internet connection.
So, the answer is we don’t really know and we are having a replacement.

Ok thank you for the heads up

There is a good tutorial on how to keep your resolv.conf the way it is, no ninja additions.

We created a simple script called dnstool for that :slight_smile:

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