What happened to frozenbox forum?


when i was using parrot 3.8 parrotsec frozenbox and frozenbox forum are bookmarked in firefox. but now it’s gone.? what happened?

(Paal) #2

Yeah that should be updated

(Nico Paul) #3

What’s the URL i actually tried frozen ox today and I didn’t get a resolved address

(Matt) #4

http://forum.frozenbox.org/ You wont find much on frozenbox anymore.

Frozenbox from what i understand was like a ‘dev team’ including palinuro that worked on parrot and other software projects (Old git: https://github.com/Frozenbox). But as ParrotOS took precedence, i think the other projects and the frozenbox brand, sort of faded away. Although this is just an observation.

(Nico Paul) #5

Yeah I wanted to see what led both palinuro and parrot to become what they are today and what he has in his vision for parrot its fascinating to study that type of evolution.

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #6

you are right

now we are creating a new onlus organization called frozenbox and we are going to use it as our custom incubator for parrot and other interesting projects

and yes, this means that frozenbox will return very soon