what is the best mirror list for Egypt

what is the best mirror list for Egypt Country ,
am downloading updates with bytes , it taking forver , so please help me to figure out this

Hi Nasr that not bug or problem with us , if you want to know we don’t have mirror in egypt , so that’s why update slow .

that’s our chat groub telegram https://t.me/ParrotArabic

@Anubi5egypt can u tell me how i know debian version in parrot , and whether am uptodate or no ?

actually it is a problem with parrot, i noticed on live mode, while “doing apt update” i download at 9MB/s, but after finishing it now i’m always downloading at 18 to 40KB/s, which is ridiculous, and yes my connect is fine i can still download at 1GB/s on some servers, so its definitly coming from the parrot mirrors.

i also tried switching to various others mirrors, and the problem persisted. wifi and ethernet gives same results

Fetched 160 MB in 12min 44s (210 kB/s)

and during the installation of packages, it used https://ftp.halifax.rwth-aachen.de which is germany mirror, and switched by itself to https://ftp.nluug.nl which i think is netherland, they are both fast mirrors

where are from ?

for apdate
sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade

@Anubi5egypt hey man please accept my question about mongo .