Which file system

Hi I have always been a windows user since win 95, I got fedup with the new windows 10 so decided to switch to Parot after reading some excellent reviews.

During the setup process there are a number of file system options - which one should I use and why?

Which backup manager would you recomend I was using Macrium Reflect, wha t would be a simular linux app?

also after setting up my plex server I cannot see any movies or TV shows that are on an NTFS drive is that the problem? do I need a linux file system for plex to see the files or can I change a setting somwhere.

thanks in advance

A lot of questions here.

The default file system is btrfs. We talk about our reasoning in release notes for 4.4 https://www.parrotsec.org/blog/parrot-4-4-release-notes/. You will find lots of file system comparisons online, they will help you choose what is best for you, based the data you want to keep.

Here is a good comparison of different backup utilities https://www.ubuntupit.com/top-15-free-open-source-backup-software-for-linux/.

You cant access the ntfs drive, most likely because its in a hibernated state. You need to boot to windows and turn off ‘fast startup’.

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Thanks for the quick reply and info :smile: fast startup in the bios settings? but tv and movies still not showing also for me to access the drives I have to enter my sudo password - I guess I could move the content to another drive and the repartition the drive using xfs and then move the files back to the drive?


You turn it off in windows, ‘control panel > power options > what power button does > fast boot’. Or if thats not working, i believe there is a mount option to remove the hibernation data.

Also for internal drives you will need to use sudo to mount them.

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thanks I am running parrot on the PC not via virtualbox I have disabled fast boot in bios

is it worth changing my video drivers to the nvida ones ?

thank you

Only if you have an nvidia gpu…


You may also need to enable usb boot and disable safeboot in bios. Go with the default installer settings and it will be btrfs as main and no swap because btrfs doesnt actually need a swap at all and it cant use it


I have a 1050i card but read that the Nouveau worked just as good?

I have installed ParrotOS onto my M.2 drive - disabled fast boot - tried a fresh install with default settings which was / xfs and the /home was Btrfs is that correct?

Yes it sounds right. You may need drivers for the m.2 idk it sometimes acts weird (linux) when they are on m.2 nvme but i think its hw specific

I will format the other drive seagate barracuda which is the one the movies and tv shows are currently on, sorry I should have provided more info in my first post

Asus VIII-HERO mobo
Liteon M.2 256 main drive - I installed parrot on
NVidia 1050i GPX
i7 i7-6700K
16 GB G.SKILL 3200 (DDR4) 16/3200

If you want an additional drive you need it to be btrfs as well if you want to use only with parrot otherwise it just has to be a file system that os can read (fat types for windows and linux)

Thanks for the reply I tried using btrfs and setup auto mount but the computer kept going into maintenance mode so I had to use Ext4 as bellow

moved the videos across and Plex works fine now - bot sure why the other file system didn’t work.

Ok so I just got a new 970 ssd if I use LVM encryption during setup it shows file system as crypto, should I just go with normal partition, no LVM or encryption or will this be as good as brf?


I am so sorry I have been lax in my time on here as of late. did you get this sorted out? if not email me at nicoATparrotsecDOTorg so that we can make up for time lost by my absence.

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