Which would be the best way to use XFCE for Parrot Sec?

Will XFCE be available for the security distribution? I want to install Parrot 4.10 XFCE, but there aren’t any security/pentesting tools in it. I know I can sudo apt install parrot-tools-full, but as a beginner im quite afraid to do that, since doing that on my VM pulled up some errors during downloading the packages (but so far the ones I have tested do work).

I have heard that there is a package called parrot-xfce which installs xfce and replaces the current environment. Would it be better to download the Parrot Mate sec os, and then shift to xfce using parrot xfce, or should I just use the official xfce distro, and download the tools?

First thing first: Parrot XFCE was made for Home edition only. The reason is we have to save our storage on repository. Users can’t always install favorite pentest tools using apt or install meta packages like parrot-tools-<something>
Second: Error during installation could be repo problem (it is downloading packages from official repos) so it has problem of matching URL from Index file and actual packages, which should show 404 error
Third: Fresh installation of XFCE is okay. Install from Mate is an other way. Both are good and it’s up to you. But i’d recommend you use fresh installation of Parrot XFCE 4.11 because XFCE 4.10 is having some bugs and we are fixing it for 4.11. 4.11 includes new configurations for XFCE. It has many new bug fixes and improvements in default configurations.

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Download the XFCE 4.11-beta2, then use Synaptic Manager to install any or all of the Pentesting tools via parrot-meta or search for the tools individually.

[ ] Parrot-xfce-4.11-beta2_amd64.iso 2021-01-07 19:10 2.0G
[ ] Parrot-xfce-4.11-beta2_amd64.iso.torrent 2021-01-07 19:11 45K
[TXT] signed-hashes.txt 2021-01-07 19:12 3.1K

Hello Download ERROR 404 Parrot xfce 4.11 beta

They took down the beta2 from the official site. Hopefully that’s good news. By googling the file name, I found the XFCE beta2 here.

Parrot-xfce-4.11-beta2_amd64.iso 07-Jan-2021 19:10 2112925696

Parrot-xfce-4.11-beta2_amd64.iso.torrent 07-Jan-2021 19:11 45632