Who designed the macaw-poly wallpaper?

Present in the 4.2 re-release ISO. I really like it.

It is way cool but<------Muff, their is more chimes in said OS than you think, its all good ,with that said Fok a bunch of MSN and google,.,Right on is what I expect to hear.

The new wallpaper was designed by Federica MarasĂ , a new entry of our dev team :slight_smile:

aaaaaand… she’s actually my girlfriend :heart_decoration:




Tell your girl to keep up the good work then. She’s doing great!

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Muff, you say girlfriend meaning relationship? Or friend… Cause shes Right as Rain, kinda friend ta have :slight_smile:

relationship of course :slight_smile:
and trust me, it’s awesome to work together on parrot!

i am also trying to involve a bunch of other friends and colleagues in the project.


My Friend—> you Sir, are living the Dream… not to mention she`s smart finding a gentleman such as yourself<— not brown nosing.

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Would it be possible to get it in higher resolutions, 4k? I especially like the one called splash2.jpg in the github repo.

i don’t think we can make old wallpapers larger, but the new macaw-poly is vectorial, and we are working on a 4k version

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