Why Debian

Hey guys,

@palinuro thx for the great Intro in YouTube.

Can you tell please why parrot is based on debian and not on ubuntu?

Ubuntu has more updated tested packages which are also forked from debian.

Parrot would have the best from both pre work …

Best regards

@dmknght i am not an ubuntu fan boy. i wanted only to share my experience and also wanted to know your objective reasons for debian.

we had some years ago some debian jessie server and when there was the meltdown and spectre sec issue. the ubuntu lts got the patch earlier.

But it is a shame to block someone from telegram offtopic chat after 2 sentences.

If this is the culture of parrot team than good luck.

I am not a noob, i am an experienced linux admin but this behavior is unprofessional more like a script kiddy.

From the beginning i did not write anything disrespectful to you.

Best regards