Why does ParrotOS recommend Etcher?

I’m new to Parrot and was wondering why it’s recommending Etcher. Etcher doesn’t have a good reputation concerning privacy.
Etcher is not the logical choice for an OS ‘designed with Security and Privacy in mind’.

It doesn’t make corrupted boot usb.

It is bloattron. It is heavy and it contains ads. Yep. But it works.
We had a plan that we tried using GTK + dd to make boot usb. But we couldn’t detect the USB ports. We’ll research on it if we have time.

Etcher works well with Parrot, but after everything was done I had to again use Rufus to repair my USB Drive. When searching through the internet I found that it was common to get corrupted USB Drives after using Etcher.

its not corrupted though
a simple format can fix the issue

Nope. I even tried with CMD as they have stated.

that hasn’t happened with me once
i regularly use etcher