why isn't anonsurf working

Hi, I am using Ubuntu but the tool I am trying to use is anonsurf. Anonsurf will not connect to the Internet. Tor browser works, but only when anonsurf is turned off.

It also wouldn’t let me use Tor browser on top of anonsurf recently, even when anonsurf would connect to Internet it wouldn’t do so if Tor was running.

Can someone help me fix this?

I hope you understand that AnonSurf was made on Parrot, which is Debian testing based and the ubuntu could be completely different because it is LTS.

IDK what version of anonsurf are you using and any information about your version. I can’t help. I don’t even know why you can install it on Ubuntu. Ofc you can, but the depends is a question mark.

This is how Tor service works. It creates local’s proxy, regularly port 9050 and forward traffic through it. If you want to use Tor browser with AnonSurf, make sure you use setting “Set proxy” or something like that instead of start new Tor session.

I am using Ubuntu 20.10.

How do I tell which version of anonsurf is installed? I keep uninstalling and reinstalling it but it doesn’t work regardless of which browser I use.

I can figure out how to do “set proxy” but how do I fix anonsurf? Anonsurf isn’t working with any browser, not just with Tor but it won’t work with Firefox or Chrome either.

I’ve just changed source code of anonsurf to help users build it on other platform. You might want to try it. but the cli launcher is a little broken.

try less debian/changelog
or run anonsurf from cli and see the version from banner
or start GTK client and see from about

Hi I type “anonsurf” and hit enter and it doesn’t say which version of anonsurf it is.

sorry where did you get the anonsurf?

I got it from the GitHub page several months ago:

I might have done something to screw it up with Tor bridges. I tried to implement Tor bridges in anonsurf’s to Rec file as well as Tor browser and for a while they both ran simultaneously just fine.

Tor browser still works but somehow I broke anonsurf.

Sorry that is NOT anonsurf of Parrot OS

How do I install the ParrotOS anonsurf on Ubuntu then? Can you give me an alternative installation option?

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