Why Parrot doesn't accept private cryptos?

Hi Parrot tems, i saw at the Donation page that you’re accepting Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoins, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar and BAT (from Brave) but you’re not accepting private currencies as Zcash, Zcoin, Pivx, Monero, Dash, etc. Can i ask, why is that? If Parrot Sec try to give privacy to users, will also support privacy for donations, right?

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when you run a non-profit organization audited by the government, it is bery very hard to justify incoming donations where you can’t demonstrate the source, and being accused of money washing is as simple as it sounds.

do you love cryptocurrencies? do you have a lot of zcash? please convert them in another mainstream cryptocurrency and make a donation that way. such cryptocurrencies support interesting anonymization features (take a minute to read more about coinjoin). otherwise contact a distro developer privately and ask for a personal address to donate to

for instance this isnmy personal donations page https://palinuro.dev/pay/ and i accept zcash there

always remember to double-check who you are sending money to, why are you sending to him/her, how that donation would be used by that person and always ask for a gpg-signed message with the proper address in case the webpage or the cleartext message was hijacked and manipulated

i can ask my lawyer further clarification about anon coin donation handling, and maybe add zcash to our donations page, but meanwhile an anonymous address not affiliated with your identity, eventually combined with coinjoin is the best way to make an anonymous (but traceable) donation to the project


Hi Palinuro, thanks for your great answer :wink:
Please don’t take it bad, maybe my bad english doesn’t allow me to express properly and Google doesn’t help so much with the translate.
Im 100% agree wih the first paragraph, explain in short words how unfair it’s the system against people who develops free or open source.
I do love cryptocurrencies, but sadly i don’t have zcash (i heard that isn’t so “private” :wink:) but as other altcoins gives users more anonymity, as you properly appointed, which in the other hand is the same purpose than Parrot, that’s the reason why every Parrot OS provides software for encryption, anonymous chats and not “skype”, Tor instead of Chrome, etc, among others comparatives between anonymity and not so much; actually “convert to a mainstream” lead us to use Windows and not Linux for example, or Google instead of Duckduckgo, etc: mainstream doesn’t mean the best way. Anyway my comment was a suggestion for a great group of people that develop for free, a non-profit organization, that’s trying to spread something good and non mainstream
My apologies if this was taken in a wrong way

don’t worry, zcash is a very nice piece of technology. if you don’t trust it completely as you would with monero or similar coins, please take few hours to study how it works, why people say that it’s not the most secure option and how it would potentially affect your use cases

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don’t worry, i got your point and i just wanted to explain our current choices

in fact you pushed me into further analyzing such topic and taking in consideration the idea of investigating other crypto funding methodologies

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