Why parrot rolling softwares are not up to date?

I see that parrot rolling branch does not have up to date softwares. Is these any experimental branch like debian? For example gcc 10.2 was released back in jully, still the latest version I see (apt update) is gcc 10.1. There is no reason to think it to be unstable or experimental at all.

So is parrot a bit slow distribution? by being a rolling distro it already breaks “#don’tbreakdebian”.

yeah there is testing repo which gives you up to date packages
just paste this at /etc/apt/sources.list.d/parrot.list

deb https://deb.parrot.sh/parrot/ rolling-testing main contrib non-free
#deb-src https://deb.parrot.sh/parrot/ rolling main contrib non-free
deb https://deb.parrot.sh/parrot/ rolling-security main contrib non-free
#deb-src https://deb.parrot.sh/parrot/ rolling-security main contrib non-free

Interesting. I did not know that there are different Sources for Parrot.

Can someone please expand upon the current Parrot Release Cycle?
That is, how do the rolling-testing sources differ from the rolling sources?

difference between stable and less stable things along with up to date packages

Are the rolling packages delivered in cycles? E.g. once every two/three weeks,
as compared to rolling-testing?

Are rolling-testing packages released once available, or do they too follow a pattern?

It really feels like this deserves a mention in the wiki.

its probably like whatever debian pulls as stable gets under rolling and
whatever debian pulls as latest package gets on rolling-testing

Wait, so 99% of all parrot users are actually using a debian stable based distro?
That doesn’t sound right, i must have misunderstood. Can someone verify this?

that is my guess
yeah probably the mods can help

I’ve always thought the default is that Parrot is based on Debian Testing, and if you check (compare) the packages, this is confirmed.

Maybe Parrot Testing is based on Debian Unstable, not sure.

well the parrot rolling-testing is not that unstable
but your thinking is right i guess

@dmknght, this thread is in dire need of clarification, could you please help?

well the parrot rolling-testing is not that unstable
but your thinking is right i guess

i don’t see the point of this topic. OP is a person that doesn’t understand the term of update. That is it.

I am just concerned about the different sources, since i did not know about them myself.
How do they differ? Do you just add a delay between rolling-testing and rolling?

Maybe @palinuro can answer this question better. Basic idea is rolling-testing pull packages from Debian testing more often than rolling. Testers and Developers make sure there is as less bugs as possible then update to the rolling repo.

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