WICD network manager problem

i was install WICD network manager but it was show no connection available.
that’s why i wanna step back to previous default network manager but without internet connection i can’t install default network manager.

i m using parrot os latest version 4.5.1

i m using parrot os in my vm box

what should i do now ?

I doubt the nm-applet was removed when wicd, they dont break other last I checked. In any case you should make sure you refresh the wicd app and have the right backend settings configured.

Where is your network manager in the menu or in the panel?
If in the taskbar, usually at the top, move the cursor, right-click on the manager panel icon, in the opened menu put a tick-connect wifi network or cable Internet.
This is not attentive)), it happens after experimenting with wifi adapters, panic))), you need to be careful.

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