wifi adapter not working

Currently i am using oarrot os 5.3.0 dual booted with windows 10. From the very first day i am facing an issue with the wifi adapter.What actually happening thatvit is detecting all the wireless networks but it is not getting connected to any.Pls help me out. I am using a TPlink tl wn 823n

Need some more details.

What kind of error msgs are you seeing?

Try to connect to your wifi and directly after enter into terminal:
dmesg|tail -50

paste the results here please so we can see the error msgs.

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As @RightToPrivacy said, Anysort of Error logs would cut the debugging process of issue by half.

If you don’t mind, while creating a new thread for any help, share info like system specification (if relevant for debugging) like wireless card, ram, cpu, gpu, error logs (if any). Perform cat /etc/os-release In the terminal and share it here. Share the output of lspci from the terminal if you think the issue maybe related to drivers. Helps us help you more efficiently, accurately and quickly :smile:


5.3.0 is kernel version you’re definitely using parrot os 4.7 post some error messages

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:point_up_2: What he said.

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Thank you for all the suggestions that u people gave me. But now my wifi is working totally fine

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