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i have installed the parrot 4.2 and in dual boot in my hp laptop but in the parrot os the wifi adapter is not showing…

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Parrot 4.2
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Debian Gtk
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hp laptop 15-bs0xx
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version 4.2? really?

depending on if you got a realtek or intel wifi device u gotta install the drivers for your adapter manually.
or u try to install the most recent version of parrot 4.6, which might allready include the missing driver.

if you dont want to upgrade to 4.6, then google for either “realtek yourdevice wifi linux driver” or "intel yourdevice wifi linux driver " you will find the download page and instructions how to install them.

You need to look for your driver using a Google. If your driver happens to be iwlwifi (for intel network adapters), then there is a known bug as of a week ago. It may or may not have been patched but a sure fix is to install firmware-iwlwifi_20190114-1_all.deb for Debian Buster and then run sudo apt install firmware-iwlwifi_20190114-1_all.deb (make sure to install the local deb package you just downloaded and not some package from the repositories online). sudo apt-mark hold firmware-iwlwifi should keep the wifi module from updating until the patch is released. Just remove the hold when that happens.

Hi. Have you upgraded the kernel? That might be the issue.

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