Wifi Analytics and Other Fun Stuff


New to the forum and to Parrot OS. Been reading and lurking around a bit here to learn what I can. WIFI Analytics is being added to my job role soon, and this seems like a great place to start the learning process.

I’ve been on the fence between Alfa Long-Range Dual-Band AC1200 and PAU09 N600. Both seem to be about the best there is as far as stability and features. Seems based on reviews that Alfa has better support so that’s the way I’m going.

Anyway, hello all.


Welcome to the forum!
I’m not much of a WiFi guy but I’ve heard good things about Alfa. I’d just make sure it’s compatible with Linux in monitor-mode.


Hi and thank you.
Yes, from what I’ve searched and read on here monitor mode is a necessity so I made sure the device supports it on Parrot. Just got home from a 2 hour crash course in Ekahau. If we go with that product I definitely need top attend a 5-day boot camp. WAY too complex to get a grasp of in a two hour intro.


If you’re going to buy an Alfa product your biggest problem in reality is going to be making sure it’s a genuine Alfa many knockoffs, fakes and imitations out there.


On a lot of Amazon reviews there were a number of complaints about receiving their with the box having already been opened and others claiming it looks like the product had been used and resold. I’ll purchase directly from the manufacturer website to avoid issues. Thanks for the heads up.