Wifi-Hotspot in ParrotOS

Has anyone successfully manage to create a internet hotspot in ParrotOS?
i tried googling resources but most of it is about creating in Ubuntu etc etc.

Elementary0S has its own Wifi-Hotspot manager (like Windows) which sounds pretty cool.
Is there any thirdparty softwares we can use ?


gnome3 has the menu, but it depends on your device driver. For example: my card can create hotspot in windows, but it can’t in Linux, even i use gnome3 or mate.

exactly, i can use Baidu or other applications in windows for hotspot but i have no single clue in Parrotos. is it not possible to make one in linux? unless it comes by defaut or something.

how do you know it cant create in linux tho? after trying with gnome3? is there any third party apps we can use on the fly?

I believe there are apps if you google for it. I don’t create hotspot with my laptop so i have no-eye-deer about it.