Wifi networks not showing up on parrot os

Hello guys, Im new to Parrot OS and I have this doubt about the networks in parrot. I dont know exactly how those work when in a virtual maching but hopefully you can help me resolve my doubt

I have parrot os installed ln vmware on my laptop which is connected to my home wifi. The thing is that on parrot os user interface my wifi connection appears as if was wired connection and Im not able to see the other 5 wifi nearby connections available to join to as I usually see under my wifi connections icon on windows, why would that be happening? In case i would like to change connection I have to go back and change it in windows instead of inside parrot itself

let me say I am not am expert on VM, however the question is often asked across all distributions running in a VM
the usual reply goes like this, your VM is a guest machine of your Host operating system, and as such has no direct connection to the outside world, but uses bridging to connect through the host system, this creates a “wired connection” and so ,shows as such in the VM, control over the Wi-Fi connections remain the responsibility of the host system and so any changes have to be made there.


Hi @Isa777

Brian is correct.

(To use Wi-Fi inside Parrot running in a VM, you will need to use an external USB adapter and add the USB adapter to be under the control of the Parrot guest.)


@ Masmer,
As i said I am not a VM user, and thank you, you have confirmed what I was planning to say as a second paragraph, but didn’t want to get it wrong and cause problems


It’s good to see you helping and solving user’s issues here. Thank you.

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Just like that, That’s a normal. if you use vm, all your network built-in laptop/pc become ethernet interface in VM guest OS. if you want use as wifi in VM you must use usb wifi card, then you can usb passthrough via VM setting.

Thank you so much, this resolved my question Im new to Linux distros but I wanna learn the basics