Wifi Not Working On Parrot OS Home

I recently installed parrot os home on my usb via encrypted persistence. I just love the os,
have been using Linux for sometime now. The only problem that I face is that the wifi does ot seem to work, my laptop has an intel wifi 5100 agn as it’s adaptor. Please note that the wireless switch on the laptop is broken and I had to remove in 20 for it to be unblocked and had to use this for it to work on my pc running ubuntu: [https://askubuntu.com/questions/236504/how-can-i-bypass-a-wireless-switch-which-is-broken-on-a-sony-vaio-vgn-fw31e] Tried this method on parrot but it did not work, it was working fine on ubuntu, debian, fedora etc. This same thing had happened to me when I tried kali linux. When I tried this same usb on another laptop dell inspiron i5 it also didn’t work (had a qualcomm adaptor). I even tried a usb wifi adaptor, the same thing happens. What I think is because of some kind of firmware problem as when I start the system, during the boot process I see iwl:wifi: failed to load firmware or something (not sure).

Is there any generic wifi driver that I can install so that wifi works on most of the systems?
I want to use parrot os home as a portable os that I can carry around. Is this issue perhaps because of encrypted persistent?

Any help will be appreciated :slight_smile: :+1:

I don’t know what happened but after 2-3 reboots the wifi started to work just fine :slight_smile:

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nice that your wifi got started.
Happy time ahead enjoying ParrotOS

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