Hello. I have a usb tp link adapter wn722n V3. When I connect it to Parrot v 4.7 the system sees it as V2 but I can’t switch to monitor mode. I guess it’s about the drivers but since the system will read it, the drivers are no longer loaded? in that case how to change the controller and how to switch to monitor mode? Everything works without any problems in kali linux.

Parrot Seciurity v 4.7 on acer laptop (not VM)

I know there was an issue with v2 not supporting monitor mode and that tp link v1 was the preferred adaptor with monitor mode. Not sure if v3 is capable and from what some postings say it may be similar to v2’s problem. The datasheet for v3 does not show monitor mode as a wireless mode. Have a look:

Still, I encourage you to keep doing research on v3 monitor mode to see if any breakthroughs have been made.

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