Will Parrot ever ditch systemd?


I’ve always found Parrot Linux rather interesting as an alternative to Kali Linux. However, after learning about some of the security risks inherent in the systemd init software, I became rather hesitant to using this distro for keeps.

I remember reading on Wikipedia that the devs plan to begin developing Parrot off of Devuan instead of Debian but, so far, that has yet to happen.

Has that plan been put on hold indefinitely or are they just trying iron out some of Parrots dependecies on systemd while still working on the systemd version?

I do understand, from research and personal experience, that working to replace init software can be very difficult since a lot of linux software depends on it so you have to recode it to be able to work with any other init like sysV and openRC.

for the moment, i think there is no switch to devuan