Will parrot stay a rolling release?

will the parrot project stay a rolling release and will it offer a stable option?
And it should return to the sandboxed app by default like it used to.
When I used stable versions I loved the os. But since it moved to rolling every time I update my system something cracks or doesn’t work anymore.

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the most tickets here are because of people they are not able to read docs or howtos.
we have upgrade the kernel from 4.19 to 5.1 and then 5.2. When people upgrade the system with

apt upgrade 

or not able to clean up boot before upgrade the kernel it doesnt matter what system we publish right?

and sandbox is still there … but some apps are not able to run smoothly in a sandbox.
Now the user can decide if an app should be sandboxed or not … :wink:

we have always been a rolling release distribution.
we made it more evident recently but nothing actually changed in the way we develop the distro

in the future we plan to offer a LTS edition based on devuan and support a lot of ARM boards with it, but we will continue to offer a rolling branch too, based on debian as we do right now

we had make the sandbox an opt-in feature rather than an opt-out one because many programs didn’t worked well (or didn’t worked at all) and we were spending more time trying to fix the firejail profiles than actually developing the distro, and yet users were facing a lot of issues derived from how sandboxes work


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