Win10 to ParrotOS file share via Ethernet

i’m looking to transfer a pretty large file over from my old windows device to the parrotOS device via Ethernet chaining.
i have sharing enabled on the windows 10 device,and the ParrotOS device detects the windows network.
so,is it as simple as creating a share list and porting it over,or will i need to download something like Samba?
it seems most articles i’m reading suggest adding samba,but if Parrot is already detecting the network in the file manager,that seems a bit redundant…?

please,correct me if i am wrong,any assistance with this is appreciated…

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There are endless ways to do this, but the easiest way is probably just using windows share.

Once the folders are shared you can type into caja:


This page explains a few ways. Its for ubuntu, but methods are more or less the same.

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Thanks,I’ll give it a look…

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