windows missing from grub

my grub isnt detecting windows 10 after parrotsec 4.9 installation , but i can boot into windows by changing BBs priority to windows
i tried ‘os-prob’ , still not detecting …

help needed asap

Good morning, what we are going to do is see your partitions from the terminal.
Step 1: Open a terminal window by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T or Ctrl + Shift + T on the keyboard.

Step 2: Use the lsblk command to detect the drive label of your Windows PC, as well as the names of the partitions. In this example, it will be “/ dev / sdb”, and the partitions we will work with are “/ dev / sdb1”, “/ dev / sdb2”, “/ dev / sdb3”, and “/ dev / sdb4”.

Step 3: Run the fsck tool on each of the Windows 10 drive partitions to clean up any dirty parts of the drive. Be sure to replace each instance of “/ dev / sdb” with their actual Windows 10 partition names.

sudo fsck -y / dev / sdb1

sudo fsck - / dev / sdb2

sudo fsck - / dev / sdb3

sudo fsck - / dev / sdb4

Step 4: Install the Os-prober package on Linux using the Apt command below.

sudo apt install os-prober

Step 5: In the terminal, using the update-grub command, force yourself to manually update your bootloader.

sudo update-grub